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The attorneys at Hundley, Parry & Bradley bring substantive legal knowledge and extensive trial experience to our law practice. When you hire our firm, you work directly with a partner with a minimum of 26 years of personal legal experience. Our practical advice and proactive approach is what has helped us build lasting relationships with clients.  We know what we are doing and it shows as we conduct our day-to-day affairs. Our clients appreciate our ability to maneuver through complex statutory changes and regulatory matters with relative ease. We are well-versed in many legal matters, some of which include:

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Real estate

Landlord-tenant representation: Our goal is to negotiate win-win solutions in landlord-tenant disputes wherever possible. The breach of a lease agreement or a rental agreement can have devastating consequences for both the landlord and the tenant. When the tenant defaults on the rent, the landlord may have to pay a collection service to secure repayment. Consequent eviction proceedings can be expensive and time-consuming. The renter himself might be bankrupt or otherwise illiquid. There are some alternatives to an eviction. If a tenant knows he or she has to move due to job loss or relocation, he or she may consider subletting their apartments to another renter with the landlord’s permission. If the habitability of the apartment is at issue, we can work with the landlord to get the necessary repairs made in a timely and efficient manner.

Homeowner representation:  Purchasing a home is one of the most important investments a person can make in a lifetime. As the buyer, you want to ensure that the home is in good repair, that the appraisal is correct, that there are no liens against the home, that you are purchasing clear title and that the purchase price seems fair. As the seller, you want to make sure that your real estate agent has made their best effort to show your home and to secure top dollar before closing the deal, and that your lawyer has represented your interests accurately in closing negotiations.

Property management representation: Commercial building complexes have intricate leasing agreements that must be carefully drafted to protect the interests of both the property management group that owns the land and the business entities that are its tenants. Insurance questions and security concerns are some issues that a commercial landlord can resolve in their favor through a comprehensive construction of the rental agreement for a commercial building.

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Land use planning & Board of Adjustment issues

Land use issues: Hundley Parry & Bradley LLC offers beginning-to-end legal service for developers in the area of land use planning. As part of your development team, we handle all the legal filings associated with the construction on a building or the conversion of a building from residential to commercial use. We have also helped convert single-family units into multifamily residences. Recently we advised a group of developers on converting an old hotel into condominium units. Our firm is highly aware of historical preservation goals and zoning board regulations. We encourage smart growth in community development.

Board of Adjustment appearances: Developers, homeowners, architects, engineers, construction specialists and contractors putting together plans for renovation know that most construction projects and home expansions require approval from the city Board of Adjustment before they can move forward. The Board of Adjustment reviews the application you have filed with the Codes Office, hears public objections to your request and votes on whether to grant the application. Once you gain Board of Adjustment approval, you can then obtain a building permit or zoning variance from the city.

Planning Board appearances: If you are requesting a special permit or a subdivision/site plan approval, you will need to meet with the municipal Planning Board. After you submit the initial application, the planning board will assess environmental concerns, zoning ordinances, aesthetics and the community interests. There is a public hearing during which the applicant presents his case and the property owners, residents and commercial interests have the opportunity to raise objections. The Planning Board then decides whether to grant the application.

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Wills, trusts and estates

Estate planning: Preserving a legacy of wealth for your heirs requires a careful assessment of your current financial situation and your tax deferment goals. The attorneys at Hundley, Parry & Bradley can walk you through the process of drafting a will, living will, power of attorney, trust, or healthcare directive for the purposes of crafting an estate plan.

Estate administration: The process of probate and estate administration can be more complicated than the executor, administrator or trustee could have previously anticipated. Our attorneys can help to simplify the process.  We also represent beneficiaries in renunciation of their inheritance rights, will contests or related disputes.

Incapacity planning: If you anticipate periodic incapacitation due to a disability like multiple sclerosis (MS), we handle the grant of rights to specific people for a specific purpose during the periods during which you are incapacitated. We also represent relatives and children in guardianship or conservatorship proceedings for adults who are enduring the onset of functional impairments like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s Disease.

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Education law

School board representation: School administrators are often required to comply with policy decisions made by the Board of Education in an ever-changing state and federal regulatory environment. Implementing these policy choices can be difficult and time-consuming. The attorneys at Hundley, Parry & Bradley bring their experience with these matters to bear on administrative compliance matters. If litigation ensues, documented records can help to explain policy choices and to mitigate damages associated with subsequent lawsuits. We represent the boards in day-to-day educational issues, such as student residency requirements, labor and public employment issues and New Jersey labor laws, as well as more complex litigated matters. We have also represented Boards of Education in appellate courts:

Parent representation: Suspensions, expulsions, special needs, religious accommodation and residence requirements can affect your child’s educational opportunities and future earning capacity. If you as a parent want to fight a decision made by a school board or school administrator, Hundley, Parry & Bradley can help to open the lines of communication and negotiate outcomes that can be beneficial to both parties. If no such agreement can be reached, we can help you litigate your claim before a judge in a court of law.

Special needs students: The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) is a federal mechanism ensuring that children with physical or mental disabilities gain access to the educational resources to which they are rightfully entitled.  If your child is in a mainstream class in a public school but has not been advancing as you believe they should, we can also help you to find out if your child is entitled to special education services. Our firm has many key contacts with educational specialists including psychologists and psychiatrists who can testify on your behalf if the case is heard in state administrative courts. The parents of a disabled child who prevails in this due process hearing may be entitled to be reimbursed for attorney's fees. There are many types of disabilities that qualify for specialized educational services, including autism, ADD, ADHD, Tourette syndrome and epilepsy.

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Municipal court

Traffic tickets: When a police officer issues a citation, you may not realize that you can fight the ticket in municipal court—thereby reducing your sentence and possibly, the points added to your insurance. A municipal court prosecutor has the discretion to plea bargain down to a lesser included offense. Sentence reductions could include reduced fines, probation as opposed to jail time and charging you with a zero-point offense. A judge has the ultimate authority to decide whether to accept the plea deal.

Driving under the influence: Drunk driving offenses have come under increasingly harsher public scrutiny, resulting in such policies as “over the limit, under arrest” for per se violations and “zero tolerance” for underage drivers. In New Jersey, a blood alcohol content of 0.08 or more is a per se violation of DUI law and you can be immediately arrested. If you blow lower than a 0.08, you can be arrested at the officer’s discretion as long as the officer notes that your motor skills or mental judgment were visibly impaired. If you blow a BAC above 0.10 you may face enhanced penalties. For legal advice about your DUI charge, contact the attorneys at Hundley, Parry & Bradley.

Petty offenses or misdemeanor crimes: A conviction for shoplifting, disorderly person offenses, harassment, public indecency and other minor crimes can have serious consequences for your reputation and future employment prospects. If you are innocent of the charges against you or if you made a mistake in judgment, it is important that you take the first step in fighting the charges by hiring a lawyer at Hundley, Parry & Bradley to investigate your claim and resolve it on your behalf.

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Chapter 7 liquidation bankruptcy: Liquidation bankruptcy is not as intimidating as it sounds — you will be able to keep a certain amount of bankruptcy-exempt personal property. Best of all, as soon as you file for bankruptcy, all collection calls must stop. An automatic stay takes effect, preventing creditors from imposing liens on your property and landlords from evicting you from your home until after the bankruptcy hearing. While some of debts are non-dischargeable — including federal student loans, alimony and child support — most of your unsecured debts get discharged outright and your secured debts get repaid to creditors by a judge based on the amount of money earned in the liquidation sale. Chapter 7 thus gives you a clean slate from which to rebuild your credit.

Chapter 11 reorganization bankruptcy: An individual or company can continue to operate as a going concern, allowing many jobs to be saved and personal assets to be retained, if it files for Chapter 11 debt reorganization. High-net-worth individuals or businesses that have suffered temporary financial setbacks may petition the court to have their debts reorganized. The business or individual can continue its ongoing business, trading or investment activities so long as it sticks to a somewhat reduced repayment plan. The court has the discretion to discharge some or all of the business or individual’s debts. If the business or individual fails to recover despite the reorganization, creditors gain ownership of the business to operate as a growing concern or to liquidate at will.

Chapter 13 debt consolidation bankruptcy: If you meet certain income requirements and believe that you can repay all your current debts within three to five years when placed on a debt repayment plan, you may get to keep your home, your car and a majority of your personal property even though you are filing for bankruptcy. Some of your debts may be discharged for pennies on the dollar, releasing you from the burden associated with overwhelming debt.  However, if you default on your repayments, your property can be seized by creditors and you cannot re-file for bankruptcy for anywhere between two to eight years.

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Matrimonial law

Focused on your family: Issues of paternity, child custody, child support and visitation are often the most hotly disputed matters in family court. In the end, it is often the children who suffer most when their parents, grandparents and relatives refuse to get along. The attorneys at Hundley, Parry & Bradley have handled complex litigated and mediated matters involving the child support collections, child support arrears, post-decree modifications, termination of parental rights, remarriage, relocation and adoption.

Focused on your future: Mediation is often a more diplomatic and cost-effective alternative to courtroom litigation. If you and your former spouse believe that you can separate amicably, mediation might be the best alternative for you as you move forward. When you have been a victim of domestic abuse, we can also assist you with obtaining an order of protection or temporary restraining order if you believe your welfare is at stake.

Focused on your finances: After a divorce, the difficulties associated with splitting one household into two can leave former couples struggling financially to maintain the same quality of life they had become accustomed to during the marriage. Shared expenses suddenly double and alimony may be inadequate to subsist on post-divorce. The law offices of Hundley, Parry & Bradley is forward looking and can help you anticipate some economic issues that may arise post-divorce, including those involving outstanding debt, invested assets and owning or operating a family-held business.

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